Our Mission

To deliver sweet value to people and enhancing their lives.

Our Vision

To be in every home providing sweetness.

The company is proud to be a “Made in Singapore” manufacturer since 1947. It produces Rock Sugar, Red Jaggery Sugar and Black Jaggery Sugar for the Singapore market under the Star Brand. Its new line of products cater to the retail market (Business to Consumer), namely Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks, Cheng Brand, D'Petite Baker and more.

The company is a recognized and trusted brand with international quality certification standards like ISO22000, Biz Safe, & Halal Certified. It is also a member of the Refined Sugar Association in London. The company aims to be more sustainable in its sourcing and manufacturing. It is part of VIVE Sustainability Program and has pledged to switch to environmentally friendly packaging materials by the end of 2020.

We are the oldest and only sugar manufacturer in Singapore

Cheng Yew Heng is Singapore’s leading manufacturer and trader of Sugar products and soft commodities for more than 74 years. It was established in 1947 as a candy and preserved fruits manufacturer but quickly switched to producing traditional sugars like Rock Sugar, Red/Black Jaggery Sugar for families in Singapore.

Today, the family business is a private limited company focused in 4 key areas, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics, Food Ingredients Supply and Incubation of food startups.

Our Products

With the Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks Brand, it hopes to educate the younger generation about the uses in rock sugar as well as inspire collaborations and other companies to innovate in traditional spaces. It first started selling in local design stores, Naiise in September 2016. Today it retails in more than 170 across high end department stores, specialty stores, supermarkets & airport stores in Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.

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