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We are proud to be a business driven by passion and people.


We are the oldest and only sugar manufacturer in Singapore

The company is proud to be a “Made in Singapore” manufacturer since 1947, that is forward looking and re-inventing itself. Apart from producing Rock Sugar, Red Jaggery Sugar and Black Jaggery Sugar for the Singapore market under the Star Brand. It has also ventured into the retail market (Business to Consumer ) with- Jewels Rock Sugar Sticks. Cheng Brand, D'Petite Baker and more.

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Logistics, Warehousing Management and Distribution

We manage your logistics and warhousing needs so you do not have to. Our facility consists of more than 90,000sqf of space.
We distribute sugar and flour to the food industry from manufactuers, distributors, wholesalers, etc.


Our Products

We always assure our customers of Premium Quality products. We achieve our quality benchmarks with the usage of the finest raw materials and ingredients. We pride ourselves on dealing with all-natural products.

We are Singapore’s largest manufacturer of:

Innovate 360 Food Innovation Hub

Cheng Yew Heng started Innovate360 Singapore’s first food incubator with facilities to partner with local food startups looking to commercialize, scale and enter new markets.

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